3 Important Things You Should Never Hide From Your Obstetrician

Reproductive health must be monitored at all times. Pregnant women often find it difficult when it comes to being frank with their obstetrician. However, a reliable obstetrician will never judge you and will make sure your information stays confidential. Most pregnant women are stressed when visiting their obstetrician for the first time. It is necessary to note that obstetricians are specialists in pregnancy and childbirth and none of your questions and confessions are new for them. Hence, it is best to be open with them. Keeping secrets from your obstetrician is going to be of no use. Consult an obstetrician in Williamstown and have a happy pregnancy. See to it that you select the right obstetrician for your pregnancy. The obstetrician you choose has to be approachable. Additionally, see to it that your medical expert is easily accessible during emergencies too. In totality, it is best not to hide anything from your obstetrician. Here are the three important things you should never hide from your obstetrician.

  • Drinking and eating habits

What you drink and eat during your pregnancy needs to be monitored. Alcohol is harmful during pregnancy but if you have been drinking make sure to inform your obstetrician about the same. Additionally, you must also share your dietary habits with your obstetrician. The obstetrician may add or delete a few food items depending on your health condition.

  • Medical history

If you have a medical condition or have been treated for a serious health problem then make sure your obstetrician knows about it. Additionally, even if you have had an abortion your obstetrician deserves to know about it. Knowing about your medical history can help the obstetrician gauge your health condition.

  • Smoking habits

Smoking can be very harmful to pregnant women. It not only affects the mother but has severe effects on the foetus too. Even if you smoke in small amounts it is necessary to share the details with your obstetrician. Your obstetrician may schedule several screenings to keep a check on foetal development because smoking can have negative effects on the same.

Visit an obstetrician in Williamstown and get the best medical assistance for your pregnancy.

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