3 Important Things You Should Never Hide From Your Obstetrician

Reproductive health must be monitored at all times. Pregnant women often find it difficult when it comes to being frank with their obstetrician. However, a reliable obstetrician will never judge you and will make sure your information stays confidential. Most pregnant women are stressed when visiting their obstetrician for the first time. It is necessary [...]

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Basic Questions Every First-Time Mother Has About Obstetricians

For every woman, pregnancy is a tricky phase wherein she is bombarded with several emotions. Choosing the right obstetrician is very crucial in pregnancy. First-time mothers often have a lot of doubts and questions and hence, selecting a reliable and approachable obstetrician is important. It is necessary to make an informed decision when selecting an [...]

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Maintaining your Mental Well-being During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can open a world of emotions to anyone.It is but natural to feel overwhelmed with emotions ranging through the entire spectrum. Knowing how to deal with the changes in your physical and mental state as your pregnancy progresses takes you a step closer to a good mental health. Why is maintaining a healthy mental [...]

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Basic Things Your Obstetrician Wants You To Know

Pregnancy is a difficult phase and needs special medical attention. Obstetricians are trained medical professionals who specialize in pregnancy and childbirth. These days there is a very thin line between gynaecologists and obstetricians. Most gynaecologists are trained in obstetrics and likewise, obstetricians are trained in gynaecology. Obstetricians are trained to handle high-risk pregnancies too. The [...]

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How To Know If Your Chosen Obstetrician Is Reliable

The birthing process and everything related to pregnancy needs specialized medical care. Obstetricians are medical experts who focus only on pregnancy. These days the fine line between obstetricians and gynaecologists has diminished. Most gynaecologists are trained in the field of obstetrics and likewise, obstetricians are trained in gynaecology. Obstetricians generally deal with pregnancy whereas a [...]

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How Obstetricians Can Help With Postpartum Depression

Women ignore their mental health when it comes to pregnancy. Pregnancy is a difficult phase in a woman’s life. This phase can not only bring physical changes but can also affect mental health. In most cases, women do not pay attention to their mental well-being which can worsen the condition. Obstetricians are trained medical experts [...]

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Choosing the Right Obstetrician for your Pregnancy

Becoming a parent is a milestone that many yearn to cross. The stress, however, is equally great. With all the things that could go wrong during pregnancy, having a good obstetrician can really make a huge difference. Here’s how you can choose the right obstetrician for your pregnancy: Ask for recommendations from friends and gynecologists [...]

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Questions You Need to Ask Your Obstetrician During Postpartum Checkup

Postpartum care (afterbirth care) is a crucial part of pregnancy. Most mothers ignore postpartum health checkups because they feel they are fine or get really busy with the newborn. It is very important to visit an obstetrician after pregnancy. A woman’s body goes through several changes after pregnancy and that can also lead to certain [...]

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