Basic Questions Every First-Time Mother Has About Obstetricians

For every woman, pregnancy is a tricky phase wherein she is bombarded with several emotions. Choosing the right obstetrician is very crucial in pregnancy. First-time mothers often have a lot of doubts and questions and hence, selecting a reliable and approachable obstetrician is important. It is necessary to make an informed decision when selecting an [...]

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Maintaining your Mental Well-being During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can open a world of emotions to anyone.It is but natural to feel overwhelmed with emotions ranging through the entire spectrum. Knowing how to deal with the changes in your physical and mental state as your pregnancy progresses takes you a step closer to a good mental health. Why is maintaining a healthy mental [...]

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Everything your Obstetrician can Help you with

An obstetrician deals with pregnancy, birth, and the phase after childbirth (also called the postpartum period). Obstetrics differs from gynaecology in the fact that one deals with everything related to the female reproductive organs while the other deals solely with childbirth and matters related to pregnancy. For those who are unaware of what their obstetrician [...]

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