Conditions Under Which Consulting An Obstetrician Is Necessary

Pregnancy is a very delicate stage in every woman’s life. Extra care is needed when a woman is pregnant because every health condition of hers is likely to affect the child in some way. In case of high-risk pregnancies, consulting an obstetrician is a must. Obstetricians are experts who specialize in pregnancy and childbirth. Gynaecologists can deliver babies but obstetrics combined with gynaecology is more reliable when it comes to pregnancy and other health problems related to reproduction. Here are some conditions under which you must consult an obstetrician in Sunshine without fail.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

If a woman is suffering from any of the sexually transmitted diseases before pregnancy then that becomes a high-risk pregnancy which needs immediate attention and treatment. Not treating these diseases can lead to many risks. The risk can also include miscarriage in extreme cases.


Obesity brings with it several other health risks. Conditions like hypertension, heart diseases, etc are developed due to obesity. This particular health hassle can lead to a very risky pregnancy. Mothers who are overweight at the time of pregnancy need to take guidance from an obstetrician because their body might carry other problems too and in order to tackle the same consulting an expert is necessary. Risks with obese mothers include miscarriage, cardiac dysfunction, delivery complications, etc.

Multiple births

In case of multiple births like twins, triplets, etc. it is necessary to take into consideration risky conditions like premature births, gestational diabetes, cerebral palsy, etc. An obstetrician can reduce these risks by examining your condition during pregnancy and suggesting you treatment methods.

Foetal problems

Through ultrasound, obstetricians can also come to know about foetal problems. In today’s times due to late pregnancies and other health issues, many babies have a developmental problem. Obstetricians can help you deal with the same and also suggest you ways to cure the problem.

Consult an obstetrician in Sunshine and experience a healthy pregnancy.

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