Everything your Obstetrician can Help you with

An obstetrician deals with pregnancy, birth, and the phase after childbirth (also called the postpartum period). Obstetrics differs from gynaecology in the fact that one deals with everything related to the female reproductive organs while the other deals solely with childbirth and matters related to pregnancy. For those who are unaware of what their obstetrician can help them with, here are a few of these phases:

  • Counselling before conception

Consulting an obstetrician before you plan a pregnancy can help you in more ways than one. For women who are diabetic, pregnancy can be a tough ordeal. If the level of diabetes is high during conception, the chances of miscarriage are higher. Many other illnesses can also further complicate pregnancy, making a prior counselling vital.

  • Early pregnancy diagnosis

There are certain symptoms that help you recognise if you are indeed pregnant. While most of these, such as nausea, cramps, or tiredness, may also point to another diagnosis altogether, if more of these persist simultaneously, it is time you visit your obstetrician for a check-up and a confirmation as to whether you are pregnant.

  • Routine checks

A routine check-up wherein you visit your obstetrician on a weekly schedule is certainly encouraged for a safe pregnancy. This involves a sonography every now and then, as suggested by your doctor, to your diet, supplements, and the routine exercises to help make the phase of pregnancy and delivery easier.

  • Labour and delivery

Everything, from labour to delivery, is taken care of by your obstetrician. For those with a low threshold for pain, the obstetrician can suggest pain relievers and help you soothe the pain though breathing techniques and more while you are in labour.

  • Postpartum care

Postpartum care deals with the phase after the baby has been delivered. From all the queries that cloud your mind regarding your infant’s health to breastfeeding, all of these factors come into play where postpartum care is concerned. The care received while you were gestating should also continue once you have undergone labour and delivered the baby.

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