How Do Obstetricians Help with Postpartum Care?

Obstetricians and gynaecologists are often confused with one another. Though both these fields deal with the female anatomy, each has its own specialization. Obstetricians concentrate on the pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period whereas gynaecologists deal with the overall female reproductive system. Most women when dealing with pregnancy ignore the postpartum period and focus only on the pregnancy duration and childbirth. However, it should be noted that postpartum care is equally important. The postpartum period occurs immediately after the childbirth. Every obstetrician in Point Cook is trained in providing postpartum care. According to experts, postpartum care is extremely crucial but is the most neglected period in a majority of pregnancies.

Postpartum care, in general, includes external care, internal care and emotional care.  Every woman experiences drastic bodily changes after childbirth and obstetricians help in addressing this problem. Internal care can include dealing with problems like cramps, constipation, etc. In postpartum, emotional care involves handling mental health issues like depression. Here are some ways in which obstetricians help in terms of postpartum care.

  • Healing process

After childbirth, the body deals with a lot of changes physically and these changes need to be addressed with care. An obstetrician helps the patient recover from the wounds. In short, postpartum care is needed to get the body back to normalcy. Bleeding for a few weeks after delivery is normal, however, if the condition persists for a longer time an obstetrician can help you in dealing with the problem. Additionally, several women also experience mental hassles like depression, stress, etc which can be tackled well with the help of an obstetrician.

  • Helping with the diet

Most women maintain a very hygienic and nutritious diet during pregnancy, however, the same is needed even after childbirth. An obstetrician knows what the body needs and can suggest the mother a proper diet plan which will help in speedy recovery.

  • Resuming physical activities

After months of restricted physical activity, it will take time for the body to go back to its normal self. An obstetrician will suggest simple exercises which will help the body ease out and also aid in healing.

Visit an obstetrician in Point Cook for all your pregnancy-related issues.

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