Important Things To Know About Ultrasound During Pregnancy

Obstetricians and gynaecologists play a very crucial role in a woman’s pregnancy. Obstetricians provide medical care for women during pregnancy and childbirth whereas gynaecologists provide medical support for the overall female reproductive system. One of the most important parts of pregnancy is ultrasounds. Every pregnant woman goes through a plethora of emotions during an ultrasound. However, every ultrasound session serves an important purpose in pregnancy. Opt for an obstetrician in Point Cook for a smooth pregnancy. The main purpose of an ultrasound includes tracking the growth of the baby, the health of the baby, the position of the baby, etc. It is best to take guidance from an obstetrician when going for an ultrasound. An obstetrician can not only mentally prepare you for the same but can also help you understand it better. Besides the stated, there are many other reasons why an ultrasound is extremely important.

Helps in recognising the risk of Down’s Syndrome

Down’s Syndrome is a chromosome-related abnormality which leads to intellectual and developmental issues. With the help of an ultrasound, one can assess the risk of this disorder. Down’s Syndrome can be detected during the pregnancy usually by the 14th week. Because there are no symptoms to detect this syndrome in an unborn child the best way to know about it is through blood tests and ultrasounds.

Helps with the due date

Many women do not keep a track of their menstrual cycle or experience irregular periods. Due to ultrasounds, the due date of the pregnancy can be determined too. Generally, this is done between 18 to 28 weeks of pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, the expected date can be confirmed aptly.

Detect abnormalities

When the mother reaches the mid-pregnancy stage, major abnormalities can also be detected with the help of an ultrasound. This is possible between 18 to 21 weeks. Many a times if the abnormalities are detected, treatment options are also suggested on an immediate basis. Through ultrasounds, abnormalities of the heart, brain and limbs can also be detected.

An obstetrician will be with you in every step of pregnancy. Moreover, these experts also help in smooth childbirth. Rely on an obstetrician in Point Cook and you are bound to have a safe pregnancy.

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