Maintaining your Mental Well-being During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can open a world of emotions to anyone.It is but natural to feel overwhelmed with emotions ranging through the entire spectrum. Knowing how to deal with the changes in your physical and mental state as your pregnancy progresses takes you a step closer to a good mental health.

Why is maintaining a healthy mental state important?

Pregnancy brings in many changes that can unsettle the strongest of women. The changes in the relationship, the anxiety about the well-being and growth of the unborn child, future prospects are some of the things that can cause stress, anxiety, or even depression among pregnant women.

While dealing with these becomes inevitable, it also puts the mother and the baby at great risk if not dealt with correctly. Timely intervention can save you from a lot of pain.

When should you ask for help?

Pregnancy can bring many circumstances that are out of your control. While you may not be able to change many things, asking for help with such situations is always a good idea. Here’s when you should always ask for help:

  • When you feel you have no one to help you
  • When you are struggling with your relationships
  • When you are at unease because of previous bad pregnancy
  • When you have troubles with drugs or alcohol
  • When you are uncommonly stressed about future prospects
  • When you are not able to function right because of your mental state

Tips to maintain mental well-being during pregnancy:

  • Have a positive attitude
  • Keep regular appointments with your doctor or midwife to check on your pregnancy
  • Enjoy the moments in the present, take every step as it comes
  • Keep a journal to document the progress of your pregnancy
  • Avoid making many major changes to your routine
  • Speak to other pregnant women, or new parents
  • Take help when you are given

While your obstetrician in Williamstown can help you throughout your pregnancy and labour, make sure you confide in him or her about your mental health when needed.

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