Must-Ask Questions before Choosing your Obstetrician

The phase of pregnancy is one wherein a lot of things needs to be taken into consideration. With the delicateness of the process and the kind of risks associated with pregnancy and labour, many obstetricians make it a point to follow a set routine that seems to be the best course of action to them. However, finding the right obstetrician in Sunshine is difficult if you need one who is emotionally supportive along with being a physical support.

Here are some questions you can ask the obstetricians around you before you choose one:


Will your choices be taken into consideration throughout the gestation period?


Often, obstetricians fail to take into account the opinions of their patients owing to a simple reasoning that they know better than their patients. However, this can put a lot of patients into a state of unease which can also be a hindrance to the process of labour. Before you opt for the obstetrician you are visiting, make sure that you ask if your choices will be taken into consideration. This applies for your choice in birthing, medication, and more.


What are the obstetrician’s views on C-section?


Does your obstetrician recommend C-sections over vaginal birth? There have been an increasing number of women and obstetricians alike who have opted for or recommended a C-section as the better choice of the two. However, it is best to enquire with your obstetrician right from the start to make sure you are choosing the right one to help you through your pregnancy.


The obstetrician’s views on electronic monitoring


Electronic monitoring becomes vital as the pregnancy progresses. However, intermittent monitoring is much more beneficial as compared to continuous monitoring. While most women feel more comfortable with continuous monitoring owing to the fact that they are aware of how things are progressing, it was noticed that continuous monitoring can prove detrimental to the process of birthing or labour since the patient is stuck in the same position throughout without the needed movement to help the labour process.


Is vaginal breech birth an option?


Many a times, the baby has no chance to turn around in the head-down position, making it a breech birth case. This can be very risky, especially if the mother-to-be is made to birth the baby through the natural process, or vaginal birth. Many obstetricians recommend a C-section in such cases. However, there are chances wherein a skilled obstetrician can help with vaginal breech births which needs to be conducted earlier than the due date stated for a normal pregnancy.

By clearing these doubts, you can figure out who the best specialist would be to have as your obstetrician for the next couple of months.

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