Questions You Must Ask At Your First Obstetrician Visit

The first visit to an obstetrician is often filled with doubts and questions. First-time mothers find it all the more difficult to discuss their worries and anxieties. It is very important to consult an obstetrician at the prenatal stage. Obstetricians will have answers to all your pregnancy-related queries. An obstetrician is a medical expert who deals in pregnancy and childbirth. Most obstetricians in today’s times are also trained in the field of gynaecology. Commonly referred to as OB/GYN, these experts also help with postpartum care. Pregnancy in itself is a very confusing phase in a woman’s life and it is likely to bring about several embarrassing questions too. The first visit to an obstetrician can be quite lengthy because the healthcare provider will analyse your overall health status. Right from blood tests to checking for infections, an obstetrician will also keep a track on your child’s development. Many life-threatening diseases can also be treated with the help of prenatal tests. Consult a female obstetrician in Keilor and get answers to all your queries. Here are some important questions you must ask your obstetrician.

How much weight gain is normal during pregnancy?

Women are often concerned about their weight gain during pregnancy. However, women who are already on the heavier side need to opt for weight management. Make sure you ask the obstetrician about your weight because that can affect the overall pregnancy. Usually, every obstetrician checks the BMI during the first visit itself!

What should I include and exclude from my diet?

Pregnant women often experience cravings for certain foods. Well, it is important to ask your obstetrician about the diet you should follow depending on your body weight. Likewise, if you suffer from problems like smoking and alcohol addiction, you need to convey the same to your medical expert.

Is it okay to exercise during pregnancy?

Most women want to be in shape these days and hence, exercising is an integral part of their daily routine. Before continuing with your physical activities consult your obstetrician. Sometimes rigorous exercises can also lead to negative effects on the body.

Visit a female obstetrician in Keilor and have a safe pregnancy.

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