Questions You Need to Ask Your Obstetrician During Postpartum Checkup

Postpartum care (afterbirth care) is a crucial part of pregnancy. Most mothers ignore postpartum health checkups because they feel they are fine or get really busy with the newborn. It is very important to visit an obstetrician after pregnancy. A woman’s body goes through several changes after pregnancy and that can also lead to certain health problems. Recovering from labour and childbirth can take time and during this period it is best to go for postpartum checkup. The postpartum checkup can help you detect several underlying issues like an infection, delayed healing, signs of postpartum depression, postpartum blues etc. All these ignored issues can lead to serious health problems in the future or to strained relationships. Obstetricians are experts who specialize in pregnancy. Right from pregnancy, childbirth to post-pregnancy, your obstetrician will guide you in every step. Consult an obstetrician in Cairnlea for a smooth pregnancy. Additionally, consulting your obstetrician after childbirth can also help you emotionally. Here are some questions you must ask your obstetrician during a postpartum checkup.

How can I relieve postpartum pain?

Mothers usually complain of postpartum pain after giving birth. Consult your obstetrician immediately if the pain is unbearable. Your obstetrician may prescribe certain medicines for relieving the pain which are safe during breastfeeding. She might also guide you to some safe exercises.

When can I start exercising again?

After pregnancy your body needs rest to recover. Consult your obstetrician before starting with your physical routine. See to it that you go easy on your body. Try walking, jogging and light upper body exercises and slowly move on to heavy exercises.

What birth control options should I opt for?

There are many birth control options for the postpartum period. The choices can be overwhelming! Discuss your choices and plan with the obstetrician. Additionally, if you are planning to have another baby then convey the same to your obstetrician. It might be preferable to keep a gap of at least one and a half years before trying for another pregnancy and the obstetrician can help you plan that with good contraceptive choices.

Visit an obstetrician in Cairnlea and get your postpartum checkup done.

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