The Need for Postpartum check ups

Giving birth, while a magical moment, is quite tough on certain women. From postpartum depression to many other issues, new mothers need a lot of guidance when they have a young one to take care of along with themselves. And while your family can help you out with a lot of factors pertaining to the period after pregnancy, you can visit your obstetrician in Caroline Springs to deal with issues that are harder to overcome by yourself as well as to get a regular check-up to ensure that you and your baby are heathy. Here’s why postpartum check-ups are good for you:

The right diet and exercise are vital

Post-pregnancy weight is something that a majority of the women deal with. However, using your own knowledge and wisdom to lose this weight can prove to be harmful for you as well as your baby. By consulting with your obstetrician, you can get a better idea of what you can eat and what you must avoid during the period where you are nursing your baby. Along with the right diet, following a proper exercise regime can also be helpful in helping you lose the weight faster and be healthier.

Postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is another scenario that is common among women who have given birth. Studies indicate that about 30-70% women go through postpartum depression or baby blues as they are generally called. Talking to your obstetrician about it can be a great help and get you the right advice to deal with it.

Postpartum hyperthyroidism

Many women start feeling the signs of fatigue more often than not after becoming a mother due to months of sleep deprivation when the baby comes along. And while this is common among women, research also indicated that this could be a sign of postpartum hyperthyroidism. Asking your obstetrician about it can get you a better idea of how you can deal with it and get it diagnosed and treated early.

Apart from these above concerns, it is best to visit your obstetrician if you have queries that are stressing you out.

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