Things to be Careful About During a Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming time for women, especially those going through their first one. While there is a great wealth of information to be found on social media, there is no guarantee that the information is reliable or true. Being aware of issues that crop up during pregnancy is one way to tackle them.

Your exercise routine

Yes, it is a must on your list of things to do. Whatever you have heard about limiting your physical activities during pregnancy should first be confirmed with your obstetrician. While exercising too much can be bad for you, it is essential that you stay active by taking a walk every day or joining a class that could help you exercise cautiously.

Listening to hearsays

People talk no matter how much you want them not to. And everyone comes with an opinion or advice of their own. This certainly doesn’t mean that you lend an ear to each one of them. Not every ‘advice’ is good for you. Make sure you avoid heeding to hearsays just because one woman has experienced it. Remember that every pregnancy is different. A trusted obstetrician in Newport is sure to give you the right advice depending on how your pregnancy proceeds.


“Ignorance is not always Bliss”. Being ignorant about issues related to pregnancy is one of the common mistakes people make. Please talk to the obstetrician about your problems and any advice you may need.


A trusted obstetrician can guide you along throughout the pregnancy like no other can. Ensuring that you visit him or her regularly for your consultations is a prerequisite to have a healthy pregnancy. Rather than relying on your own assumptions or advice from friends stick to consulting a professional for everything. No matter how silly the question may seem to you, make sure you have your doubts cleared right from the get-go.

Whether it is your first pregnancy or third, these are things that you must be careful about throughout.

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