Things to Expect From your First Obstetrician Visit

When it comes to pregnancy, most women only care about the post-pregnancy health and the process of childbirth. However, it is also important to focus on prenatal health. Prenatal care is very essential when it comes to a smooth pregnancy. Many pregnant women are hesitant when it comes to visiting an obstetrician. It is necessary to choose a qualified and an experienced obstetrician to avoid any hassles. Though most women stress about visiting an obstetrician, it is good to be mentally prepared for the same. Here are some things you can expect from your first OB visit-

  • Lots of questions

The first visit to an obstetrician should ideally be between 8 to 12 weeks. The first visit is very vital because it will create the foundation of a bond between you and your obstetrician. The first visit usually involves loads of questions. The questions can be about your overall health, lifestyle pattern, genetic health problems, risk factors if any, testing of allergies, etc. Similarly, even you can ask and clear your doubts in the first visit.

  • Several tests

In the first visit the obstetrician might also conduct a few general tests on you to analyse your overall well-being. These tests may include weight checking, blood pressure tests, general body examination, pelvic test and blood test. The results of these tests are important for prenatal care. Certain medications might also be prescribed after the results of the tests.

  • Information about the development of the baby

Sometimes obstetricians also give you an approximate due date. In the first visit you might come to know about obvious health risks too. The obstetrician might also check your baby’s heartbeat to know about the development pace. The stated is done with the help of an ultrasound. An ultrasound is performed to know about the due date and to analyse the baby’s heartbeat.

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