Things You Must Share With Your Obstetrician

Earlier, there was a wide gap between obstetrics and gynaecology. Nowadays, most obstetricians are professionally trained in the field of gynaecology too. Women are quite stressed out when it comes to their first visit to an obstetrician. Obstetricians in actual terms are experts who specifically deal with pregnancy. This also includes the prenatal and post-partum periods. Choosing the right obstetrician is very critical because the entire pregnancy depends on the same. It is necessary to select the obstetrician carefully. Consider factors like the experience of an obstetrician, approachability, fees, etc.  It is always better to take recommendations when it comes to selecting an obstetrician. Additionally, see to it that you have a good rapport with your obstetrician because you will need to share quite a few details. Opt for an experienced female obstetrician in Werribee for your pregnancy. Though most women feel uncomfortable when it comes to sharing personal details with a medical expert, here are some things your obstetrician must know.

Medical history

When you approach an obstetrician you must share your medical history. Even a minor medical problem can affect the overall pregnancy. It is important to note that problems like blood pressure, diabetes, iron deficiency, etc. can have serious effects on childbirth. Make sure your obstetrician is aware of your medical history. This way your medical expert can take necessary precautions.

Be clear regarding your lifestyle

Women sometimes avoid talking about their smoking and drinking habits which can have a serious impact on the pregnancy. It is necessary to inform the obstetrician about your drinking or smoking addiction. Your obstetrician can guide you better if he/she is aware of the same.

Share your physical activity routine

Your obstetrician will suggest a proper diet plan if at all your body is facing any deficiencies. However, along with eating right, you must also share your daily exercise routine with the obstetrician. Maintaining normal body weight is one of the most crucial things in pregnancy.


Visit a female obstetrician in Werribee and have a safe pregnancy.

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