Why Must You Visit An Obstetrician In Each Trimester

Medical guidance is a must during pregnancy. Women must schedule regular obstetrician visits during pregnancy because even a minor health issue can lead to problems in labour. Obstetricians are trained experts who deal specifically with pregnancy. Additionally, they also help with prenatal and postpartum phase. Most people get confused between a gynaecologist and an obstetrician. These days most gynaecologists are also trained in the field of obstetrics and likewise, obstetricians are trained in gynaecology. In simple terms, gynaecologists are medical experts who deal with the overall female reproductive system whereas obstetricians are trained to deal with the overall process of pregnancy. Taking guidance from an obstetrician during pregnancy can also help avoid serious complications. Choosing the right obstetrician for the same is very important. See to it that you select an obstetrician after thorough research and recommendations. Additionally, the obstetrician must be certified and experienced. Choosing an approachable obstetrician helps a lot in having a smooth pregnancy. Consult an obstetrician in Cairnlea and get solutions for all your pregnancy woes. Here is why it is necessary to visit an obstetrician in each trimester.

  • First trimester

Prenatal care is of utmost importance in pregnancy. In the first trimester, an obstetrician will check your medical history to see if there are any underlying issues with your health which can affect the baby. The first few visits during this time generally consist of estimating the due date, physical examination of overall health, blood tests, discussing lifestyle changes, etc.

  • Second trimester

Apart from the routine lab tests, in the second trimester, the obstetrician will also start measuring the child’s growth. Moreover, with the help of different medical techniques, the fetal movements will also be tracked. The second trimester is fully focused on the rate of the child’s growth. During this time, your obstetrician may also suggest you certain changes in your diet plan if need be.

  • Third trimester

Once you reach the third trimester the obstetrician will check the baby’s position for a smooth labour. Additionally, at this stage, if there are any complications your obstetrician will try to treat the same to avoid further medical problems. Routine check-ups for blood pressure levels and contractions are also a part of third-trimester health checks.

Visit an obstetrician in Cairnlea and have a safe pregnancy.

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